Iphone 4 release!

In this year 2010 the Iphone 4 was released.

Apple Ipad Review

With its 9.7 inch screen this far outwighs the ipod touch in size. Many of the apps are wonderful peices of art which area delicacy to the eye.
It is supposedly faster than a Computer, so if web browsing is your thing, I would recomend buying on of these bad boys for just $500. There is the old ipod touch job with the ibooks app and the mail - which is greatly improved on the ipad. I benefits a bigger keypad so its easier to type. A vivid LED screen really improves the viewer experience as well as improving photo quality. Combined, the ipad really does nail the photo app. Its the same story with the video and youtube, with its HQ capable screen. Millions of songs and videos are at the mercy of you when you go to the Appstore. Hence I therefore give the ipad a rating of 10/10

iphone 4 review

with its huge screen and brilliant graphics the iphone 4 is brilliant and wonderful. It could be reconed as a work of art. I love the titainium and glass combo, which really is lovely to feel. It has a new attempt of software, which really is cool. Not very technical I know but just cool. The camera is fantastic, and with 5.2 megapixels, I feel it is competative at todays standards. This is one of the main selling points of the iphone 4. With its 4G data speeds, it is nearly as fast as a computer. It also has 64 GB memory, which is far in advance of the ipod touch. 1.2 GHz adds to the appeal of the iphone also, but I feel that they could have made it larger. Hence I therefore give the iphone 4  a rating of 9.5/10

IPod Touch Review

The ipod touch was an utter breakthrough in Technology. Especially was its attention to detail, and its revoulutionary product called the app. Now everyone knows what an app is, so cant be bothered to tell you. Along with this came its multi touch screen, which speaks for itself. But I feel it is none of these things which sell it. I feel it is the beauty of the bodywork and crispness of the sscreen. It lacks a camers, thus the iphone. Only joking. Authough I do feel it needs a camera. I was pleased to see a youtube app, but i suppose it was pretty predictable because of Apple and youtube. I therefore give it a rating of 8.5/10